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WELCOME to those who have tuned-in to a COARC Slow Scan TV Night. Our SSTV Net is held every alternating Wednesday, starting at 8:30 PM ET, on the VA3BAL repeater on 147.330+ (103.5 Tone In). Please remember, this repeater can be linked to 53.130- (No Tone) and to 443.700+ (103.5 Tone In) for access to the SSTV Net. Let a COARC member know if you are interested in having the link turned on, although they are usually all left connected.
We are pleased to have members and non-members regularly join in the “slide show” fun. Although we sometimes move off to a simplex frequency, we usually prefer to stay on the BAL repeater, in order to create interest in this exciting mode. Many who have joined in, have done so just because they unexpectedly heard the old familiar tones of "Scottie Two" coming from their rigs!
SSTV is a very exciting and personalized mode. If you haven't tired it, you owe it to yourself to download one of the freeware or shareware programs that will allow you to easily use your computer sound card to both send and receive photographs and images over the air. Most of us use the MMSTV shareware program. Although an interface between your rig and computer sound card is highly recommended, you can get away with simply holding your computer mic up to your ham radio speaker, in order to "decode" and display the images on to your computer monitor. To transmit a photo, hold your rig mic up to the computers sound card speaker and key up, after hitting the transmit icon in the MMSTV software.
BEFORE LONG, YOU WILL BE HOOKED!  You will then want to get the best possible quality images, so an interface will become a mandatory project. They are easy to homebrew, thanks to plenty of Web info - or purchase a pre-built unit such as a "Rig-Blaster". Even Scanner Listeners can "eavesdrop" by using your scanners audio output in place of an amateur transceiver. If you're just listening - or should we say, "watching" - out there, please drop us a line,  we would like to hear from you!
We have met many new friends and fans of SSTV on our Wednesday Slow Scan Nights. Some are from as far away as Bracebridge, Ontario. It is nice to share photos and get an "eyeball" over the air. This is a very informal and casual net, so don't be shy. Why not give Slow Scan TV a try? Our COARC members would be happy to lend you what ever assistance you may require, so that you can share your favourite pictures on the air.

73 and hope to "see you" on the COARC SSTV Net soon!

Greg, VE3FAX

ve3fax (at) gmail (dot) com

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Information last updated March 31, 2013